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Mon, 24 Jul 2000 15:27:56 -0700

>Hey Brett:
>> Michael Wong x4241 wrote:
>> > Nah, I doubt the American public will like anime style music too much. I
>> > actually do like Yohko Kanno's work on Escaflowne but don't like most
>> > J-pop music. I'd bet that most American kids would switch to another
>> > when they hear Japanese lyrics.
>> Not true. There are several instances of Japanese lyrics in the songs "Just
>> communication" & "Rythm Emotion" which appear in multiple episodes of
>>Gundam W
>> as broadcast on cartoon network. That show is just as popular with the kids
>> (mabey more so) as the mangled shows.

I can count the instances in which they appear on one hand. Whether less
than 5 counts as "several" and "multiple" depends on who you talk to I

>I stand corrected. I guess I am personally biased when it comes to
>anime music because I dislike much of the J-pop/anime music genre. I've
>a couple of episodes of Gundam W and find much of the dub job as abysmally
>as most other American dubbed anime I've seen.

I don't watch much dubbed anime, and if what was done on Wing was considered
good, you can imagine how horrible the other dubs must be. I wonder if the
translated scripts the voice actors get included so many sighs, "umgh"s,
and "hmmm"s as recorded.

>I'll take subbed episodes over
>dubbed ones anyday!



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