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> Yeah, I've done those kits when I was still in grade school. You need to
> vast quantities of glue liberally to keep the kits from falling apart.
> much all the original series Gundam kits are like this, I had a whole set
of all
> the 1:144, 1:100, 1:60 and had to throw them all away when I moved to the
> 8(
> > Michael

Gee, that sounds just like what happened to me. I had kept a few things in
one piece of luggage, and managed to lose that while we stopped over in
Japan :(
That's probably why I am still so crazy about them 20 years later.

Anyhow, the kits from the first 2 series are very much below today's
standard. But they are good for kit bashing and practicing new Hobby Japan

Gus Jae
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> Hey Michael:
> > Has anyone ever done any of these kits? I built the RX-78 and it keeps
> > falling apart. The arms are constantly falling off. I can't even touch
> > without it falling apart. Are all the 1980 Gundam kits like this? Or is
> > just the RX-78?
> Michael
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