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Mon, 24 Jul 2000 14:13:05 -0700 (PDT)


> It was at Beaman's in Fremont california. They had a MG zeta coated right
> next to a regular one for only 5 bucks more. I didn't have the money at the
> time tho (and the zeta MG is supposed to suck of course anyway) ... They had
> quite a few other coating MG's but I didn't really check the prices - I
> really wanted the zeta (this was about a year and a half ago and I hadn't
> heard all the bad stuff about the kit yet) but, you know. I had enough to
> get a leopard destroy 1/100 for 20 bucks.. I haven't been to beaman's in
> almost a year, so I don't know what their prices are like now... But
> compared to a lot of places around here, they have an excellent selection at
> really good prices (This is where I saw all those old 1/60 kits too).... At
> least they did, I dunno, and I might have come at sale times or something.
> But I'm in san jose and getting to fremont is a bitch when you don't have a
> car.

I'm in Santa Clara and I don't think getting to Fremont is a bitch since I have
a car, where exactly is Beaman's anyway? If you ever feel like going over there
for Gundam models, maybe I can give you a lift since I have no idea where the
heck Beaman's is at.

> > Man, I can't even afford Japanese imported ramen. U.S. made ones are
> > cheaper!
> Japanese ramen is actually suprisingly cheap. I buy kitsune udon packets for
> 79 cents, the sapporo chow mein for 49 cents, and the korean Nong Shim Shin
> Ramyun and Udon for 75 cents each. If you really want, I know quite a few
> places that specialize in ordering imported ramen over the internet. Yes,
> I'm a geek, but I only feel like a _real_ otaku when I'm eating a japanese
> meal, drinking a japanese beer, watching anime, getting psyched to build a
> model. Maybe I have a problem tho hehe.......

I usually go with Nissin noodles because they are indeed pretty cheap and taste
MUCH better than the American ramen. Since I am originally from Hong Kong, I
am also partial to the "Doll" noodles, which is even cheaper! I was in love
with Korean noodles for a while because they are about the spiciest ramen out
there, but had to avoid them ever since my severe ulcer problems started. Yeah,
I know what you mean, I often slurp Japanese Ramen while watching anime or
building Gundam models. Convenience is the thing and nothing is simpler than
the instant ramen, tastes much better than the typical TV dinner IMO.


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