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Mon, 24 Jul 2000 14:06:13 -0700 (PDT)

Dear List:

> If it does turn out as bad as you think, we should direct our vegeful
> mail at Bandai instead of the network and ask them not to liscence their
> shows to people who don't care about the artistic integrity of a them.
> If they'd market it properly (To the D&D and magic playing college and
> HS students) they would have a mega hit.I've never seen an anime with

Hey, I graduated away from college (grad school) quite a few years ago and I
still play Magic and D&D (on computers only...). In my opinion, people like
us are minority and the series won't become a mega hit if they are marketing
to us. On the subject of Magic and D&D, how many fellow GML'ers waste their
money and time on these 2 addictions too? I'd love to find/meet some new
players in the Silicon Valley area.

> more universal appeal than escaflowne, if they F**k it up I'll certainly
> give em a (polite) earful!

There's no doubt that Escaflowne would have to go through massive edits to make
it "suitable" for U.S. audiences, which guarantees that real anime fans would
be upset by the final product.

> Cut out Yohko Kanno? this confirms my theory that the water in Hollywood
> makes you retarded.

Nah, I doubt the American public will like anime style music too much. I
actually do like Yohko Kanno's work on Escaflowne, but don't like most anime/
J-pop music. I'd bet that most American kids would switch to another channel
when they hear Japanese lyrics.

> ---Brett Jensen


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