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That would mean the Grey Zaku III, I assume. They're doing quite a bit of
recycling with the HGUCs, are'nt they? We'll probably see Char's Rick Dias

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> On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, D Fink wrote:
> > I just read in rec.models.anime that it is the Wing Zero Custom from
> > waltz. Do you think we will get real feathers? heheheheheh
> I think the fastest reliable source online for these kind of news is
> perhaps Paratrick model. Tet and Nightingale keep a pretty close watch on
> that site, so the news page at NA is usually updated within 24 hours of
> the news coming out in Japan.
> So yes, its the Wing Zero Custom. Nightingale is pretty sure it's 1/60,
> and Tet's very reliable but unofficial source pegged it at 15000 Yens. But
> officially, all we know is that it's Wing Zero Custom, to be released
> around the year's end.
> According to Paratrick again, next HGUC's on the queue are Zaku III and
> Bau (Bawoo).
> Tet's heard rumor that HGUC Char's Zugock will also be released.
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