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On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, D Fink wrote:
> I just read in rec.models.anime that it is the Wing Zero Custom from endless
> waltz. Do you think we will get real feathers? heheheheheh

I think the fastest reliable source online for these kind of news is
perhaps Paratrick model. Tet and Nightingale keep a pretty close watch on
that site, so the news page at NA is usually updated within 24 hours of
the news coming out in Japan.

So yes, its the Wing Zero Custom. Nightingale is pretty sure it's 1/60,
and Tet's very reliable but unofficial source pegged it at 15000 Yens. But
officially, all we know is that it's Wing Zero Custom, to be released
around the year's end.

According to Paratrick again, next HGUC's on the queue are Zaku III and
Bau (Bawoo).

Tet's heard rumor that HGUC Char's Zugock will also be released.

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