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>On the same note, what MS's were
>released as part of the Musha line? I've seen various references to a
>Zeta, as well as the RX-178.

All 3 Gundams from ZZ (Mk-II, Zeta, and ZZ) have been released as 1/100
toys and Real Type Musha toy with all the extra samurai armor parts and

>hMM . might as well ask one more while I'm at it. 6 HCM's were
>re-released, RX-178, Hyaku Shiki, Hi-Zack, Zeta, Double Zeta, and one I
>can't recall, correct?

If you mean just the Gundam ones, I think that's a complete list. The
RickDias was not reissued. The Walker Geller from Xabungle and the
L-Gaim Mk-II from Heavy Metal L-Gaim were reissued as well.

>What's the one I'm forgetting, and what were the
>original 25 HCM's? I know of a Johnny Ridden Zaku 2, a Black Trimary Zaku
>2, a Gelgoog Cannon (which looks uber-nice), and a bunch from non-Gundam
>series (including 3 from Macross, if i'm not mistaken).

there's the Nu Gundam from CCA which was not reissued either.

>Oh, and if you want a laugh, hit www.robozone.com and check out their
>prices on the HCM's. $100 for the re-issued RX-178? Heh, I paid $25cdn for
>mine. All the way up to $130us ... thankfully, Gundam fans don't seem to
>need to pay these outrageous prices for our fix (as compared to Macross
>fans, who have to pay out the nose, mostly from a lack of merchandise).

Before the reissue, that's about the price HCMs went for. The ones that
still didn't get reissued command about that price in the market for a
mint, unopened one.


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