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On Mon, 24 Jul 2000 wrote:
> page 11, bottom right corner under Mr. Masking Solution
> page 15, top left corner its pointing to the box full of gundam model parts.
> page 97, the text right under the MG gelgoog

Hmm... without even going home to actually look at the book, I can pretty
much tell you.

p.11: Mr. Masking Sol. can be brushed on parts of the model to protect
those parts while painting. Afterwards, you can peel off the rubber

p.15: (this is still part of the chapter on "Tools and Material") All the
spare parts or salvaged parts from damaged models can also be used for
bashing or modifying future model projects. Don't throw them away.

p.97: The latest Master Grade models are Gelgoog and Gundam GP-01 (or
GP-01Fb?). Master Grade models have a very high level of details and
everyone should buy lots and lots of MG models... or something like that.

I could be wrong on these. But there's nothing very interesting on page
11, 15 and 97. The meat chapters are ch.2-5.

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