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Taking a break from Diablo2 (Level 30 paladin, open I was hunting
for new images for Wing Zero last night and re-stumbled across some Musha
Gundam pictures. So far I've only been able to find pictures of the RX-178
RealClothType, and even then, they weren't great. Anybody know of anywhere
on the 'net that has nice pictures? On the same note, what MS's were
released as part of the Musha line? I've seen various references to a
Zeta, as well as the RX-178.
hMM . might as well ask one more while I'm at it. 6 HCM's were
re-released, RX-178, Hyaku Shiki, Hi-Zack, Zeta, Double Zeta, and one I
can't recall, correct? What's the one I'm forgetting, and what were the
original 25 HCM's? I know of a Johnny Ridden Zaku 2, a Black Trimary Zaku
2, a Gelgoog Cannon (which looks uber-nice), and a bunch from non-Gundam
series (including 3 from Macross, if i'm not mistaken).
Oh, and if you want a laugh, hit and check out their
prices on the HCM's. $100 for the re-issued RX-178? Heh, I paid $25cdn for
mine. All the way up to $130us ... thankfully, Gundam fans don't seem to
need to pay these outrageous prices for our fix (as compared to Macross
fans, who have to pay out the nose, mostly from a lack of merchandise).

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