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   Well, it's not like the criticisms of Pokemon can be transfered to Gundam. I mean, I don't think little kids can put together the kits-even I have a hard time!-and also, Gundam Wing hardly encourages gambling, cock-fighting, etc.
  If anything, the "Yaoi" thing will rear it's ugly head, and the news will catch up on it. But that can be easily countered- I mean, most of the G-boys have female companions that they obviously have affection for,(Heero/Relena, Duo/Hilde, Zechs/Noin, Trieze/Une, Wufei/his wife) although it's a little more complicated with Quatre and Trowa, since their closest female companions are their sisters(Unless you count Dorothy for Quatre).
   Also, the animation statement will rear it's ugly head. Gundam Wing's TV animation is'nt the best to come out of Japan; people will definetly find a need to criticize it, even though it's probably the best there is on TV at the moment(Compare GW to say "Lucky Lydia" or "Ed, Ed, and Eddy"). I swear, Cartoon Network must have a budget of $10). From what I've seen of the Pokemon 2000 reviews, people can't learn to respect cultural differences in animation style.
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  I, for one, hope that Gundam does not become a fad, because fads die. I fear that shows like Pokemon and have confirmed America's stereotypical views on anime, and that it too will begin to die out when people start getting sick of it. On the other hand, watching anime is like eating Swiss cheese; you either love it or hate it, and if you eat it regardless, you develop a taste for it eventually.
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    Let's see, Pokemon appears to be on the downslide, and so far, it looks like Gundam might take it's place. Gundam Wing, in fact, has had ratings that have actually jumped beyond Pokemon, and also merchandise levels are on the rise, stealing Pokemon's thunder, at least from online retailers, that is.
    So will it become the next hot anime fad? Other animes have tried to become the next fad, but are'nt exactly doing too well(I'm talking about Poke-ripoffs, mostly)Dragonball Z looked like it might have taken over the Pokemon throne, but alas, poor marketing and boycotts by hardcore fans who loved the Japanese version pretty much killed any chance it had.
      Gundam, on the other hand, seems destined for rising popularity. But hopefully, it does'nt fall into the same vacuum that Pokemon did. A lot of the criticisms of Pokemon stemmed from it's animation quality, and Gundam will no doubt fall under the same scrutiny( I asked one Pokemon critic to take a look at Gundam Wing, he said "The animation is just as bad, but I will admit that the story and detail is exceptional") . However, this is'nt so different from Transformers criticisms in the 80s, and also Gundam has a much, much mature story and fan base than Pokemon does. It's not like anybody watches anime for the animation(Cept' in some cases, like Macross Plus,0083, Akira and GITS) they watch it for the detail, stories, and character development. Plus, a real analysis will reveal that anime is superior to current American TV animation, although the WB comes close with Batman/Superman/Men In Black.
     But anyway, critical opinion aside, I think if Bandai plays it's cards right, it will have a massive moneymaker on it's hands not only in Japan but in America as well.
     Any thoughts?

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