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Liam McGintny ( wrote:
> ... I also know that Luan is indeed a reputable businessman (if
> perhaps a tad hotheaded :) -- I've been a local customer of his store

Actually, I don't doubt your words. After all, Guncross did get 65
positive eBay feedbacks to go with his 1 single negative (I haven't
entered my own feedback yet). That's why I've never said they defrauded
me (yet). I also believe them when they said they have been in business
for 7 years.

I've also said Luan is a more reasonable guy to deal with. But would you
stand up for Chanh too? I'd like to hear your view on him.

> Several things popped out at me as I read your rant: (And I did read it
> "C$20.235, and with mathematical precision, he rounded the half penny up
> ... (Of course, I guess for me to notice that is a bit petty as well :P

Hey, it's by chance I notice it this time. When I do cross border trades,
I ALWAYS round prices down to the nearest dollars for my American buyers.
For example, in a recent auction, the final price was US$34.68 and I
voluntarily rounded it down to US$34, not $35, not $34.50. Anyway that's
my quirk.

The reason I noticed it for the M Lover was that I've all along set a hard
limit of C$20 for the M Lover. I paid C$14 for a transformable Orgroid
from the same model series and damn if I get sucked into paying more than
C$20 for half the model. And sure enough, it showed up twice on eBay and
both times it went way beyond C$20. No problem, I just keep waiting.
When this one showed up. I put down my opening AND final bid of US$9.99,
because with intra-Canadian shipping that should put it just under C$20.
So all along I had in my head something like C$18-19 for the M Lover. When
it came back C$20.24, I did a double-take.

Busting my hard limit, even by a penny, bugs me because if I let myself
busting my limits regularly, pretty soon I will be bidding twice, thrice,
or ten times the real value of the products. That's the danger of
auctions. There's no hypnotizing auctioneer on eBay, but still, it's hard
to resist just one more click to see how high your rival is ready to go.

To show you how petty I am, at the time, I debated with myself if I should
just mail them a C$20 bill in double envelope (to avoid the check-clearing
delay). I would have send them C$21 in bill too, if I had any $1 bills
left (currently the smallest C$ bill is $5). But the 24 cents email kind
of spooked me, so I didn't propose to them about mailing them the C$20

Anyway that's why I was so pissed when they unilaterally cancel the trade.
I've psyched myself up so much over this model that I was literally
trembling when I read that they will mail me a check for C$20.23 in a

Anyway, thanks for all the emails everyone. If this thing gets resolved,
I will let you know.

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