Mon, 24 Jul 2000 03:09:39 EDT

It was actually an older cousin who did it. And he knew all about robotech.
He was just an asshole.

> I hate cousins like that. Fortunately, before one of my younger cousins
> could wreak havoc on my collection, I had come home and was standing right
> behind him as he started to reach out for my MG rx-78.
> "Touch that and you die" was all I said.
> damn kid ran straight to his parents, who promptyl told mine about what a
> horrible person I was. my dad asked me in front of them how much time and
> money I had devoted to that "toy" that my cousin was about to play with
> (my dad also being a model kit builder).
> When I said the amount and time, my uncle turned pale. My dad told him
> that his kid could play with the "toy" provided he could pay for it
> immediately if it broke. including man-hours. As you can guess, my cousin
> was never allowed in my room again by his own parents.

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