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>I didn't trust it anyway, and went with the testors. Now I gotta paint
>sombitch. :) It doesn't quite look menacing in a single shade of purple.
>You are way more oldskool than me. I wish that I had picked up this hobby
>while I was a kid in the 80's (yeah yeah) as I definitely would have kept
>of my models, and I'd have something to show for it (I know I would have
>treated gunpra better than I did my transformers or star wars figures) ... I
>only had two robotech toys as a child and I felt severely deprived and
>crushed when my cousin mercilessly destroyed them (the same cousin also
>my jetfire across a hall to see it "fly" and broke it into pieces which I
>never able to fix, despite my best efforts. And yeah, I liked it because
>knew it was really a Veritech fighter [valkryie but I didn't know any better
>at the time])

I hate cousins like that. Fortunately, before one of my younger cousins
could wreak havoc on my collection, I had come home and was standing right
behind him as he started to reach out for my MG rx-78.

"Touch that and you die" was all I said.

damn kid ran straight to his parents, who promptyl told mine about what a
horrible person I was. my dad asked me in front of them how much time and
money I had devoted to that "toy" that my cousin was about to play with
(my dad also being a model kit builder).

When I said the amount and time, my uncle turned pale. My dad told him
that his kid could play with the "toy" provided he could pay for it
immediately if it broke. including man-hours. As you can guess, my cousin
was never allowed in my room again by his own parents.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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