Jim Dulhunty (s3159706@student.anu.edu.au)
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 16:10:54 -0800

having been roped into running a game set during the 1YW, I have a few
questions I need to ask you kind and generous people. They'll have to come
in dribbles, 'cause my brain is in recovery right now.

First, and the trickiest one my players asked, what are the official
languages of the Federation and of Zeon? How many Ls have official status,
and what is the working L of the Federation.

The next ones were about the EFSF vs. UNT Spacy question and the
orginisation of Fed. MS units, but thanks to a couple of well timed
threads, I think they've been covered.

On a similar note, how are Zeon MS units organised? Do the SAF, MAF & EAF
do things differently? My observation is that MS units seem to consist of
three MS, but this could have more to do with the hangar size on Musais and
Gaus than anything else.

A prelude of gratitude for your illuminating comments,


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