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OK! You people have gotta stop... There is a guy here trying to lose some
weight before his wedding, which is only 32 days away, and you people are
talking about ramen... I AM NOT SUPPOSE TO EAT AFTER 9PM!!! Can't you guys
tell that I have absolutely no self control based on my past posts!!!
Give the fat guy a break here!!! BTW, know any hobby stores with a on-line
wedding registry ;) ?
And Tom.... Don't even think about any wise cracks!!!
Now I gotta check and see if I have any ramen, damnit!

Gus "The round guy in the tux" Jae
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> > But... dude! KIMCHI IS THE BEST!!! Korean BBQ just ain't the same
> > all the kimchi and other foul smelling veggie!
> Kimchi ramen bowls my son.......
> (ghetto otakus are otakus too...)
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