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>The Pezun series is another name for the MS-X series. They are Kunio
>Okawara MS
>designs that didn't get used in the original Gundam series, which was
>at 52 episodes by curtailed at 43 episodes, someof which were later
>released as
>model kits.
>Pezun was a Zeon asteroid base, the opposite number of Solomon, during the
>Year War. Where Solomon was in L1 near Side 1, Pezun was in L2 near Side
>2. It
>never appeared in any of the Gundam anime, but figures prominently in
>Sentinel as the site of the New Decides revolt.

Umm. Big error in orbital geography here. Side 1 (along with Side 4 and
Solomon) orbits the L5 Lagrange point. Side 2 (along with Side 6 and Pezun)
orbit L4.

L1 is home to Side 5, while L2 is home to Zeon (Side 3).

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