Mon, 24 Jul 2000 00:20:08 EDT

actually, beaman's _does_ have a website, but I have no idea if they do
online ordering.... And I don't know the URL off of the top of my head but
it probably wouldn't be a big deal to find it... Actually, I was shocked the
first time I visited the Gundam Project and saw Nikaku in the links
section..... As that's the anime store that's two and a half miles away
from me that I frequent every week for rentals and such. Their model prices
are sickeningly high, at least in the retail store, except for when I got a
serpent custom 1/100 for $20 from them right when the EW kits started selling
like hotcakes around here... Their prices really are so high that the only
time I buy models from them is when I'm hard up. I think I payed $30(!!!!!)
for the HG 1/144 zeta at one point (Just couldn't wait to get one shipped)
...... They're cool people and they're nice tho, it was just weird to see my
friendly neighborhood anime store on the GP...

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