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what did he say? I didn't get around to buying the movies (I am waiting for
the series)

If your angry and looking to take out some revenge. Call 1-800-NEWTYPE. Our
prices our so good it's almost better then stealing them.
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. If you choose not to do that,
> Garma will only suffer defeat but will live and may become available with
> new faction if you win part I of the game with Zeon.
> If Garma dies, you have the option to do a PR blitz by giving him a
> national burial. If this is done, Giren will make his speech and majorly
> boost morale while adding to the possibility of Krishia's faction after
> winning part I as Zeon. You will also get the option to send a revenge
> team led by Ramba Ral. If Garma lives, Ramba Ral will request to lead an
> attack on the wooden horse. If you say yes in either scenario, he's gonna
> fail the inital assault but if you got the Dom developed by then, give it
> to him when he requested resupply and don't screw him over like Ma Kube
> and watch how history changes (remember what he said to Amuro when the
> went bust?).
> Eddie

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