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> Hehe, since it was a 1/220 it probably didn't have a piece of paper rolled
> around the tube with Bandai marks on it - the glue tubes that come with the
> 1/60 kit do.

Nope, it was a little metal tube.
> Nope. The glue tubes were included at a time before Gundam models became a
> huge hobby/industry where everyone is assumed to have a set of "proper
> tools".


> It's a low quality glue and does not dry up fast enough. I do remember
> in the days people used to collect the tubes and squeeze the glue into a
> glass bottle for use later... LOL.

I didn't trust it anyway, and went with the testors. Now I gotta paint this
sombitch. :) It doesn't quite look menacing in a single shade of purple.
You are way more oldskool than me. I wish that I had picked up this hobby
while I was a kid in the 80's (yeah yeah) as I definitely would have kept all
of my models, and I'd have something to show for it (I know I would have
treated gunpra better than I did my transformers or star wars figures) ... I
only had two robotech toys as a child and I felt severely deprived and
crushed when my cousin mercilessly destroyed them (the same cousin also threw
my jetfire across a hall to see it "fly" and broke it into pieces which I was
never able to fix, despite my best efforts. And yeah, I liked it because _I_
knew it was really a Veritech fighter [valkryie but I didn't know any better
at the time])

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