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Sun, 23 Jul 2000 21:40:14 -0400

> >It sounds like to me you're saying that they charging the new MG's is 2
> >times the yen price and on older ones, they're charging 1.5 times the
> >How long is it (to them) a MG kit is to be considered old ?
> >BTW, the MG 79 G kit that I gave Gus, I paid penny per yen.
> >- Thomas -
> They've always charged about 1.5 times the yen for Gundam kits on their
> website. With the MG Gundam v1.5, it's the first time they charged this
> much for a non-Wing/EW/G Unit kit, and I don't think they even have it on
> the website yet.
> The only place where I can get MG kits at or below yen price has been
> The best deals I've got was a MG GP01Fb for under $30 a year or two ago,
> and a MG Dom I got from a local show for $35 (couldn't resist, even though
> I already got half dozen of them already!).
> Eddie

The best I found so far is in NY. The guy charges $10 over yen for all
kits. Then across from him is another place, where I paid $35 for a 3500
yen kit.

- Thomas -

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