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> >> I dunno if they've posted their Wing kit prices online... if that
> >> is what you saw then you definitely should be getting a heartattack!
> >> Worst part is they are now applying 3x yen price to new MG kits too!
> >> Seems a decision was made to just cater to rich kids who want their
> >> kits now.
> >Yup, that's what I was lookin' at. Geez, $90 for the Gp02. Are they
> >charging for the space it takes too ? :)
> >- Thomas -
> Actually that must be the special coating version of the MG GP02A kit,
> which retailed in Japan for 6,000 yen. This is now considered an old
> kit and falls into their regular pricing of 1.5 x yen price. OTOH,
> they just got the MG Gundam ver 1.5 and were charging $89.99 in the
> store (before the 30% off discount), which would make it still more
> expensive than 2x yen price.
> Eddie

It sounds like to me you're saying that they charging the new MG's is 2
times the yen price and on older ones, they're charging 1.5 times the yen.
How long is it (to them) a MG kit is to be considered old ?
BTW, the MG 79 G kit that I gave Gus, I paid penny per yen.
- Thomas -

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