Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 17:47:23 -0700

>> I dunno if they've posted their Wing kit prices online... if that
>> is what you saw then you definitely should be getting a heartattack!
>> Worst part is they are now applying 3x yen price to new MG kits too!
>> Seems a decision was made to just cater to rich kids who want their
>> kits now.

>Yup, that's what I was lookin' at. Geez, $90 for the Gp02. Are they
>charging for the space it takes too ? :)
>- Thomas -

Actually that must be the special coating version of the MG GP02A kit,
which retailed in Japan for 6,000 yen. This is now considered an old
kit and falls into their regular pricing of 1.5 x yen price. OTOH,
they just got the MG Gundam ver 1.5 and were charging $89.99 in the
store (before the 30% off discount), which would make it still more
expensive than 2x yen price.


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