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>I have the question for advice. I have started a new game as Zeon, and I
>want to see do anyone have good pointers to win game? What shoud I do
>diferent fron Federation? Thank.

Exploit your lead in MS technology early during the game and keep that lead
by spending a fair amount on R&D each turn while keeping the pressure on the
Feds by attacking fast and hitting hard. The Fed's big fat wallet will
enable them to catch up on the tech-tree so you can't afford to be slow or
taking things easy. You start with little resources, so you need to occupy
the resource producing locations ASAP. The ground Zakus aren't very mobile,
so you will need to mass produce Dopps and other air units to supplement them
for effective attacks. After you've established a good presence on earth,
work on the amphibious suits - they will really make a difference as a lot of
your earth occupation battles will be fought in water.

If you spend enough on intelligence after the third landing operation,
you will be presented with the Operation V / Side 7 recon option. This
will trigger a series of events that basically follows what happens in the
original Gundam series/first movie, if you choose to investigate it. This
leads to the death of the old supply ship captain and his entire supply
convey's elimination, and the death of Garma. If you choose not to do that,
Garma will only suffer defeat but will live and may become available with a
new faction if you win part I of the game with Zeon.

If Garma dies, you have the option to do a PR blitz by giving him a
national burial. If this is done, Giren will make his speech and majorly
boost morale while adding to the possibility of Krishia's faction after
winning part I as Zeon. You will also get the option to send a revenge
team led by Ramba Ral. If Garma lives, Ramba Ral will request to lead an
attack on the wooden horse. If you say yes in either scenario, he's gonna
fail the inital assault but if you got the Dom developed by then, give it
to him when he requested resupply and don't screw him over like Ma Kube did,
and watch how history changes (remember what he said to Amuro when the Gouf
went bust?).


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