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>>Mobile Suit development was a direct response to the discovery of Minovsky
>>physics, right? Specifically, Minovsky particles rendered radar useless
>>and brought fighting up close and personal again.
>>So, just for fun, how would modern (for us, anyway) warfare be changed if
>>tomorrow some physicist discovered a previously unknown elemtary particle
>>with similar effects to a Minovsky Particle. How seriously would it affect
>>our ways of war? Would we be able to adapt to it, or would we require a
>>revolutionary change, a la mobile suits? Bare in mind, I'm only referring
>>to the particle, not the associated power supplies and such.
>In a way, this is already happening for air warfare. Stealth technology
>has, (for the moment anyway) severely degraded the effectiveness of radar
>and long range (radar guided) missiles.

Someone at my wargames club told me that if you have radar dishes bigger than the stealth aircraft (like the Russians and Chinese do), then it effectively renders stealth technology useless. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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