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The Pezun series is another name for the MS-X series. They are Kunio Okawara MS
designs that didn't get used in the original Gundam series, which was projected
at 52 episodes by curtailed at 43 episodes, someof which were later released as
model kits.

Pezun was a Zeon asteroid base, the opposite number of Solomon, during the One
Year War. Where Solomon was in L1 near Side 1, Pezun was in L2 near Side 2. It
never appeared in any of the Gundam anime, but figures prominently in Gundam
Sentinel as the site of the New Decides revolt.

The original MS-X/Pezun series consisted of:

FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam
EMS-05 Agg
MS-10 Dowadge (renamed Pezun Dowadge after the MS-09G Dowadge was introduce in
MS-11 Acht Zaku
MS-12 Gigan
MS-13 Gasshia
MS-17 Galbaldy Alpha
MSM-04G Juagg
MSM-04N Agguguy
MSM-08 Zogok

If I read my Data Collection 13: Original MS in Games correctly, the line now
also includes the MS-N01 Kikeroga.


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