Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 14:23:33 -0700

>Just a question...
>On any MG Gundam kits (that specifically being kits of Gundams), what color
>is the white plastic? For example, on the MG Alex, the plastic is quite
>bright white and shiny, and even with gundam markering won't look quite as
>good as I'd like. Compare that to the RX-178 in Titan's colors, which looks
>near perfect without painting due to its darker colors...

Hmm, the last time I checked, there were no white parts on the MG
Titans Mk-II unless you meant the AEUG version.

>Also, the Black
>Trinary Zaku II looks fairly good, thanks to its nice matte gray color. So,
>in relation to the NT-1 Alex, whats the white platsic like on the RX-79G and
>the Shin Matsanuga Zaku II specifically, and the other MG Gundams in

The RX-79G's white is pale white (I am not sure if it's "bright white and
shiny" - looks a bit flat to me). You might want to try using the light
gray or brown markets instead of the black marker on white/light parts

>Also on a slightly related note, are there any north american online stores
>that stock gundam markers? Haven't had any luck locally.

Try http://www.legendshobbies.com/


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