Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 14:03:57 -0700

>My sister just brought me a zeta series 1/220 messala kit that one of her
>coworkers had kicking around in his garage since the 80's... I was in a
>shitty mood and she wanted to cheer me up. But anyway, I was opening the box
>and there was a little tube of glue!

Hehe, since it was a 1/220 it probably didn't have a piece of paper rolled
around the tube with Bandai marks on it - the glue tubes that come with the
1/60 kit do.

>I thought that was kinda neat - I've
>never assembled a kit older than ZZ so, I was wondering, do the reissues have
>these little glue tubes? ...

Nope. The glue tubes were included at a time before Gundam models became a
huge hobby/industry where everyone is assumed to have a set of "proper

>Just wondering.. I don't really trust glue
>from 1984 or whatever, so I'm gonna use my testor's, but I thought it was
>kind of neat.

It's a low quality glue and does not dry up fast enough. I do remember back
in the days people used to collect the tubes and squeeze the glue into a
glass bottle for use later... LOL.

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