Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 13:53:17 -0700

>If it does turn out as bad as you think, we should direct our vegeful
>mail at Bandai instead of the network and ask them not to liscence their
>shows to people who don't care about the artistic integrity of a them.

You are assuming that Bandai actually cares. Remember what kind of
"interesting" products they licensed Gundam Wing to?

>If they'd market it properly (To the D&D and magic playing college and
>HS students) they would have a mega hit.I've never seen an anime with
>more universal appeal than escaflowne, if they F**k it up I'll certainly
>give em a (polite) earful!

I think Escaflowne has already been marketed that way when Anime Village
released the series on VHS and the "compilation version" for those who
can't afford the entire boxset. Bandai is merely repackaging the show for
the younger crowd.

>Cut out Yohko Kanno? this confirms my theory that the water in Hollywood
>makes you retarded.

No less retarded than the never-ending chants of "Esca! Flo-ne!"


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