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Nightingale wrote:
> Thanks Mike! Ober means "Colonel" then.

        Don't ask me the naval enlisted ranks in German
though; however there is a difference between naval and
military command strutture/ranking system.
        BTW little trivia note where does the word
"captain" come from :P?

> Actually I think the Zeon-Nazi association began with
> 0080's Zeon MS (Kaempfer, Gelgoog Jaeger, Zaku FZ w/
> 'German Helmet', etc) as well as the military uniforms and
> personal firearms;

        Note the Feds use a Fritz type Kevlar skull cooker
porbably because as most countries have found out that kind
of configuration provides better protection that much missed
steel pot where the grunt can toss in his C-rat and cook it
or soak his toesies after long hard die of humping a seventy
pound pack.
        It is interesting to note that either in 0080 or 0083
the Space nazis carried a rifle very similar to the G3 which
is based of the Spanish CETMEs and which is based off the
Mauser Stgwr45 all of which are roller assisted delayed
blowback with fluted chambers...The Feds seem to be stuck
with the SA80 or pre SA80 type rifles although hopefully they
have no quality control issues and actually have a safety/
selector that can be reached by the shooter's thumb as
opposed to have a seperate safety and selector. At least
the ground pounders can wear flak jackets or Ranger
body armor.
        As for mobile suits the Geloog Jaeger packed a
nice MG42 type beam rifle (or is it a 90-120mm machinegun)
with a scope. Now how the goddamn hell mechs are supposed to
snap in a weapon under the gentle supervision of a range
or weapons NCO threatening very bad things if you don't
qualify. It's not like they can get a clear sight picture
and a cheek weld... Ditto goes with the hyperbazookas.

> (Rick Dom II was called "Rick Dom Zwei", YMS-16M Zamel
> [M stands for "mauser"] and of course, Gato's MA "Neue
> Ziel") For all this image-leaning, Gelgoog Jaeger
> should be THE Gelgoog for that 'Ober.' decal and
> should be released as MG back in 1998. We can keep
> wishing...

        With so many uebermenschen who looked they
stepped out some sort of bishonen manga (with its
readers screaming KAKOIIIII) I wonder what the official
language of Side Three is? Standard High German (heavily
Northern influenced) or the more gemutlichkeit Southern
German and Austrian (more inclined to kick back and have
a kleinisches bier)...

                                        Mad Mike

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