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--- Brett Jensen <> wrote:
> Nightingale wrote:
>> Thanks Mike! Ober means "Colonel" then. Actually I
>> think the Zeon-Nazi association began with 0080's
>> Zeon MS (Kaempfer, Gelgoog Jaeger, Zaku FZ w/
>> 'German Helmet', etc)
> True, but Giren was definately an admirer of Hitler.
> (shudder) That's where the Seig Zeon salute came
> from. Uniform wise I'd say the Zeons are more of the

> older prussian style, and of course Char is clearly
> somewhat patterned on Germany's Red Baron of WW1.
> ---Brett Jensen

That's true, but at least Tomino and Yoshikazu
(chara designer) didn't explicitly showing the WWII
Nazi style uniforms for the Zeons (but strong hints of
that, no doubt). And I should correct myself about the
Zeon-Nazi association. Real-life chronicle wise, it
actuallt began with Char's Counterattack movie (1988):
just look at Char's Neo-Zeon uniform. :) After that it
was following by 0080 (1989) and 0083 (1990).


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