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Dafydd writes,

>The first explanation that I ever saw for "FF" was "Folding Fighter" --
>the Core Fighter folds up to become the Core Block. That fails to explain
>the FF-4 Toriares, FF-6 TIN Cod or FF-S3 Saberfish, however.

  Exactly. Presumably one of the F's stands for "Fighter," but as for the
other one... "Flying"? "Fancy"? Who knows?

>So, Mark, are we back to "Robot" for the R or do you have another

  <shrug> That's still my best guess...

Nightingale writes,

>Another strange thing about Revil and Tianem
>is that they don't have first names! I've found
>no information from every reference I can get
>my hands on.

  More likely they don't have _last_ names. Remember, the convention (at
least in the first Gundam series) is to address everyone by first name -
e.g. Captain Paolo (Cassius), Captain Woody (Malden), Lieutenant Matilda
(Ajan), Colonel Char (Aznable).

>If the Gundam book publishers (esp. the chara books
>from Japan) are careful enough, they should list a
>separate but brief character profiles in English,
>listing the character's name, rank (from which force
>he/she is from), etc.. This should help ease fans'
>trouble in guessing the collect ranks like the final
>rank of Char Aznable: Captain (navy) or Colonel
>(air force)?

  Don't bet on it. It took twenty years for Sunrise to make up its mind
on a handful of name spellings; absent guidance from Sunrise, the editors
would be reduced to guessing, which means their efforts would be little
better than ours.

Mad Mike sez,

> But other than admirals and generals (shogun is general? I
>thought it was more of an actual description of what he was not just

  Right, and the same is true for "teitoku" - these are honorifics, not
ranks, but they're apparently still service-specific.

>Is a Petty Officer 2nd Class and a Corporal both go-chos?

  No, apparently not - there are separate terms in Japanese for the lower
naval ranks.

-- Mark

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