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> Nightingale wrote:
>> While we are on this subject, I notice one of the
>> decal on MG Char's Gelgoog says "Ober. Char
>> Anzable". What is "Ober." stands for?
> Prolly Oberst- German for Colonel usually Obrstlt.
> something similar would be for Oberstleutnant= >
Lieutenant Colonel. Considering that the Jions are
> Space Nazis that's not too surprising.
> Mad Mike

Thanks Mike! Ober means "Colonel" then. Actually I
think the Zeon-Nazi association began with 0080's Zeon
MS (Kaempfer, Gelgoog Jaeger, Zaku FZ w/ 'German
Helmet', etc) as well as the military uniforms and
personal firearms; it reached its height with 0083
(Rick Dom II was called "Rick Dom Zwei", YMS-16M Zamel
[M stands for "mauser"] and of course, Gato's MA "Neue
Ziel") For all this image-leaning, Gelgoog Jaeger
should be THE Gelgoog for that 'Ober.' decal and
should be released as MG back in 1998. We can keep


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