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> Dafydd writes,
> >"Rempo" is the term that started it all, the Japanese word for a federation.
> >Although most fans assumed that the R in RX stands for Robot, Mark Simmons
> >others have made a very convincing argument that it actually stands for Rempo
> >and indicates a Federation origin.
> Actually, I never subscribed to that theory. If the "R" in "RX" stands
> for "Rempo," then what does the "F" in "FF-X7" (the model number of the
> core fighter) stand for? R for Robot gets my vote.

I may have gotten you and Sunwook confused again -- this topic has come up a
number of times and should probably be added to the Gundam FAQ list.

The first explanation that I ever saw for "FF" was "Folding Fighter" -- the Core
Fighter folds up to become the Core Block. That fails to explain the FF-4
Toriares, FF-6 TIN Cod or FF-S3 Saberfish, however.

So, Mark, are we back to "Robot" for the R or do you have another explanation?


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