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> Interestingly, they use different honorifics
> for different generals in original Gundam
> - compare "Revil-shogun" ("General Revil") with
> "Tianem-teitoku" ("Admiral Tianem"). This implies
> that the writers were indeed thinking of the
> Federal Forces as having distinct branches, even if
> was never discussed specifically.

And they only used the term "lenpo" (Japanese for
"Federation") as the universal quantifier for all
things Earth Federation, from army, airforce, navy,
space force, government, etc.. They think it was
clever to force things through and this means hell
to us Gundam fans when trying to understand the story.

Another strange thing about Revil and Tianem
is that they don't have first names! I've found
no information from every reference I can get
my hands on. So do you or anyone knows their
first names? This is strange because while
most of the "little guys" like Matilda Ajane
(woman) and Woody Maiden were known by the complete
names, the big shots in the TV series never
get_full_credit :)

> That said, while Japanese uses the same terms
> for army and navy officers & formations, it does
> seem to have distinct terms for grunts. The lesser
> ranks used in Gundam (sergeant major down through
> private) are all army-specific, so I'd assume that
> army nomenclature should be the default.

If the Gundam book publishers (esp. the chara books
from Japan) are careful enough, they should list a
separate but brief character profiles in English,
listing the character's name, rank (from which force
he/she is from), etc.. This should help ease fans'
trouble in guessing the collect ranks like the final
rank of Char Aznable: Captain (navy) or Colonel
(air force)?

While we are on this subject, I notice one of the
on MG Char's Gelgoog says "Ober. Char Anzable".
What is "Ober." stands for?


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