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>In other words, you pull this stunt once on Christmas eve at a randomly
>target aiport. After it hits the news, you claim responsibility, announce that
>you can do this at any airport at any time, then make your demands.

        Hmm. Possibilities. I see your point now.

>Even the Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion reactor isn't compact enough to fit in
>a suitcase. It's typically the size of a small refridgerator, which is about
>the same size as a steamer trunk, albeit considerable heavier.

        I wasn't thinking of a suitcase. Simply pack it into a cargo truck
-- or since you aren't looking to power an MS, you can build the reactor
slightly smaller and cram it into a van and park in somewhere near the airport.

        Of course, this assumes that the terrorists have the means to build
a "bomb" specifically to throw out large quantities of Minovsky particles
_and_ still have a large enough yield to seriously threaten the target.

>You can short out the containment bottle, releasing the contained reaction, but
>that's not quite the same. The result is analagous to a fission meltdown
>versus a fission chain reaction -- dramatic and damaging, but not

        True, but for a civilian area, either is just as damaging -- the
question is that of the time span. A fusion reaction is likely to blow a big
crater in the urban area, but due to the huge destructive nature of the
blast nothing much else is likely to happen.

        A meltdown will create lots of other potential problems, right?
Fires, for one, in the surronding areas. Park the bomb next to a fuel farm,
and we get even bigger fires. Contamination is not likely to be a problem,
right? Since it's a fusion process. Hmm.. will a fusion explosion also
create an EMP effect?

        Anyway.. a properly designed meltdown will create more problems for
the civilian infrastructure, since it can be designed to maim rather than
kill.. As someone once mentioned, kill a person and that's it; wound someone
and you tie down 3 to look after him.. What's worse, the surviving victims
will be able to remember the event and pass it down, serving as a graphical
reminder of the event.

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