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Chris Maier wrote:
>So are the variations in the book kitbashes of existing models? I'm obsessed
>with variations, and have been ever since I saw the Star Wars trilogy. I
>loved all the different TIES in the series(Fighter, bomber, interceptor,
>Vader Custom, and Episode I's infiltrator). That's why I like Mecha so much,
>particually Gundam.

Yup, the variations are all modified from their Master Grade counterparts.

Have all the different TIES been made into models? I've only seen the
Fighter and Vader versions.

> > The Dom Gundam Weapons book is worth getting if you are into building
> > Gundam models. While there isn't as much construction details as some of
> > the earlier books in the series, the excellent photos should provide a lot
> > of ideas.
> >
> > There are around 110 pages of colour photos. The first 90 focus on the Dom
> > and its variants, and the remainder on various Black Tri-Stars' mobile

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