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> Ok, I can say that I have been around the park a few times, both as buyer
> and retailer. Here are some thought you should think to yourself if you
> wondering about the asking price you see at your local or on-line store:
> Where are they getting their stuff from and how quickly did they get it
> since Japan release?
> Well, if the stores are in either NE or W part of the states, like NYC or
> LA, then chances are their sources are either Hong Kong or Japan. If you
> are in your local comic store in mid-west somewhere, then they maybe going
> through a distributor like Diamond or Right Stuff (Your chances of getting
> cheap price is pretty slim). If the stuff is directly from HK or Japan,
> the kit shows up within 1-2 weeks after Japan release, then prepare to pay
> pretty penny. $60 for a 4000 yen kit is not uncommon, since they have to
> pay for the rush shipment.
> So if you want it right away, expect to pay about 1.5 - 2 times of the yen
> price, depending on how many middle-man the store had to go through. The
> size of the kit also matters... since most shipping company charge by
> instead of weigh, it cost a lot more to ship one MG Sazabi than 3 regular
> MGs, or approx 6-8 1/100 Wing kits when you break the cost down to per
> you catch my drift?
> But if you can wait, wait. Once the slow boat arrives, the supply picks
> the cost of shipping is cheaper, so the cost to the stores are cheaper.
> Hopefully they will past the savings on to you. Expect to pay about
> for a 1000 yen kit. Most stores have to make some money to pay for
> and to keep the store for you to browse (not everyone that goes in the
> come out buying couple of hundred bucks worth of anime stuff everyday).
> Also, once a kit has been out for a period of time, Bandai then start
> shipping them in assortments, mixed in with other stuff. So say you are
> looking for a MG Gelgog B/C, you may end up paying a little more pending
> the supply the store can get it's hands on.
> You may find that ordering from HLJ or other online stores to be a quicker
> (clicker) process, but SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ANIME STORES, give them some
> business once in a while, just think what would you do if the local guy
> outta business and you wanted to check out what the latest kit look like
> before you buy! This does not mean you should be ripped off either!!
> go paying $40 bucks for a 1500 kit that came out 2 years ago... unless you
> want it that bad and can't find it anywhere. How you justify the way you
> spend your money is up to you. With the way the yen has been since the
> 90s, to obtain the collection I now have would cost 1/3 less, ouch! But I
> am pretty sure you can't get half the stuff I have anywhere else now :)
> That's how I justify mine... now if only the wife can understand :(
> Bottom line, be an educated shopper! What;'s the difference between a
> "good" price and a "cheap" price? A "good" price is a reasonably set
> by the seller after taking all cost into consideration. A "cheap" price
> a price set below what YOU think the item is worth. $35-$38 for a MG
> @ 3000 yen is a "good" price. $30 for the same kit is a "great" price!
> $60+ for a "show only limited edition" MG kit @ 3000 yen is "cheap", if
> is what you are looking for. Get it? :)
> Know what you are buying, feel free to ask on the list and you won't get
> burned. None the less, you are the ruler of your money, if you can
> it, spend it!
> Ok, time for me to shut up.
> Gus Jae

Yeah, if ya had only told me that before I won 3 of the 1/100 Limited
Phillipenes version of the Deathscythe, WAY OVER-PAID !! ;-(

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