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>I'm pretty sure somebody has been screwed or feel like they've been screwed
>through an online auction/Sale before, but if it were me in that position, I
>don't give a crap if you were the most tempermental guy or the nicest for
>that matter, I just want my crap and i want it when it was promised.... if you
>wanna be tempermental then screw you, I would tell all my friends and everyone
>i can about the BS'er that you are, so i think that Core DID do the right
>thing, and he should post up this back up on his site AND everytime you nitce
>he gets a new handl give him a neutral saying what a bad seller he is.
>AND remember the customer should always be satisfied, so not only have you
>proven him to be a bad business man but also some one who needs work on his
>keep in mind I do not know this guy so this is what i would do if I were in
>Core's postion...
>- Roger

I agree. As posted on the site, the emails from the auctioneer seemed to be really childish, and to show a lack of business sense. I've always made an effort to be resonably prompt when dealing with online auctions or deals made with others I've dealt with on message boards or what not. I make it a point that my image not be tarnished by being rude (if I can help it, I usually don't mean anything rude in anything I write) or being lax in paying what I owe, or sending what others want from me. And so far, I've had no problems. Although generally, I deal with people that alot of others I know deal with and I can cause problems for (or that can cause problems for me) if things aren't done promptly. I can excuse a rude email once in awhile, but from what I read (and I read everything on that link), this guy is truly pathetic. He might be the best person in the world in person, but if he acts like that over the mail, I won't do business with him.

Also, at least IMHO, all he had to do was say that he was moving, and would be delayed in shipping stuff if that was the problem. Of course, it would seem like it would be a stupid time to be auctioning off anything anyways, if you know you won't be able to ship it promptly.

And from what I understand, charges can be pressed for fraudulent business practices. But I could be mistaken.


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