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>Several things popped out at me as I read your rant: (And I did read it all,
>seems like everyone just getting pissed off in general :)
>"C$20.235, and with mathematical precision, he rounded the half penny up to
>a full penny to get C$20.24. So the math is sometimes fuzzy, sometimes
>precise, it just so happens to round UP all the time. Anyway, it's only the
>difference of C$0.45, not worth mentioning at all... except for an insight
>into how Tran operates. So I didn't dispute the number, I just kept a mental
>note that Tran may be very fussy to deal with. But the M Lover is a rare
>kit, and I am happy to get it for under oops I mean over C$20. "
>This is a bit of a low blow -- saying that this is 'insight' into the way
>Luan operates.. last time I checked, you rounded a 5 up when you were
>working with decimals..
>(Of course, I guess for me to notice that is a bit petty as well :P )
>Now.. about his recent lack of speed on things.. At the beginning of June,
>Lou changed locations here in the city -- a pretty involved move when it
>comes down to the logistics of trying to do everything and move it well
>within a limited budget. And then, later on -- he also attended AX, thus
>having been out of town from the week of the 30th until after the 3rd of
>July, so for the most part he was in very limited contact with his email...
>Again, not a complete excuse for a lack of service. Unfortunately, these
>events seem to coincide with your purchase, and through a few unfortunate
>twists have turned into this ugly little mess. I can see how Lou was simply
>frustrated with trying to deal with many things at the same time when he
>responded to you. In any case, he's not trying to rip you off -- that's not
>the way he operates -- if it was, I wouldn't shop at his store. (Having to
>deal with the rugrats running about in the afternoons looking for Pokemon
>all the time could drive a man insane though .. hehe.. maybe that's what's
>wrong :) -- So give him a chance, and you'll get your product.

I'm pretty sure somebody has been screwed or feel like they've been screwed
through an online auction/Sale before, but if it were me in that position, I
don't give a crap if you were the most tempermental guy or the nicest for
that matter, I just want my crap and i want it when it was promised.... if you
wanna be tempermental then screw you, I would tell all my friends and everyone
i can about the BS'er that you are, so i think that Core DID do the right
thing, and he should post up this back up on his site AND everytime you nitce
he gets a new handl give him a neutral saying what a bad seller he is.

AND remember the customer should always be satisfied, so not only have you
proven him to be a bad business man but also some one who needs work on his

keep in mind I do not know this guy so this is what i would do if I were in
Core's postion...

- Roger

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