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All the Gundam series are getting to be the fad in my town. One day I go
to one of my favorite store that has like about 90 types of Gundam
models. I am short $5 to buy something. I Come back the next day to find
that they have 12 Gundam models (that really suck) left. I asked the
owner if he had any Gundam models in the back and I find a Generation-0
SD Gundam Dragon for $7.

~Chris "the store is called Hobby Heaven" M.~

> In a message dated 7/22/00 9:52:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << I agree. Gundam does have an excellent chance.....if people will open
> their
> minds to accepting the UC storyline. New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam W is
> the only one people have exposure to here in the States. And yes, they seem
> to enjoy it. But can they handle the mature storyline of the original
> Gundam,0080, 0083,Zeta (forget Double Zeta, it was bloody trash), CCA and on
> down the line of the Universal Century? That I do not know. But hopefully,
> people will begin to share in the joy of TRUE Gundam as we all on this list
> do. And no, I am not disparaging Wing or X....I just do not like them. As
> for G Gundam........I'm not sure if people are ready for that one yet....too
> out there....... :)

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