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<< I agree. Gundam does have an excellent chance.....if people will open
 minds to accepting the UC storyline. New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam W is
 the only one people have exposure to here in the States. And yes, they seem
 to enjoy it. But can they handle the mature storyline of the original
 Gundam,0080, 0083,Zeta (forget Double Zeta, it was bloody trash), CCA and on
 down the line of the Universal Century? That I do not know. But hopefully,
 people will begin to share in the joy of TRUE Gundam as we all on this list
 do. And no, I am not disparaging Wing or X....I just do not like them. As
 for G Gundam........I'm not sure if people are ready for that one yet....too
 out there....... :)

Um, UC doesn't always mean true Gundam, though. According to that article
that was translated and posted here, not all Gundam shows AC or UC, are
"true" Gundam. Finding "true" Gundam is like trying to find one "true"
relgion, there's not really one. "True" Gundam is based around some ideals,
not wither its AC or UC.

This is just what I think, so please do not go into the beat to death several
times AC/UC/True Gundam debate, please? :)


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