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Dafydd writes,

>You have it backwards. The term "EUG" came first, with Z Gundam in
1984. Prior
>to that, there was no Romanization of the term Chikyu Rempo Seifu. In
Z,it was
>rendered as Earth United-nation (note: singular, not plural) Government, EUG.

  Actually, I think this explanation of the acronym came a bit later. At
the time, we were given the acronym AEUG and a Japanese term that
basically translated to "anti-earth federation organization". I figured
that "Anti-Earth Union Group" was the intended derivation of the acronym,
but some years later someone (I think it was Studio Hard, in the
character books from the Entertainment Bible series) came up with the
explanation you cite.

  Of course, that was after Gundam 0080 had been released, so they were
probably trying to shoehorn "United Nation" in there for compatibility
with 0080. What a tangled web!

>With Gundam 0080 in 1989, we get the United-Nation Troops, UNT. This term is
>strictly for the Federation military, not the government, which is still the

  I think this explanation was also introduced in Studio Hard's character
books. I'd originally supposed that the "T" stood for "Terra"; since it
was swiped from Macross's UN Spacy, there didn't seem much need to add a
redundant "troops". But I guess this would have been harder to reconcile
with the "AEUG" acronym...

  Actually, now that I think about it, I suspect Studio Hard was jut
trying to shoehorn all the on-screen acronyms (AEUG, UNT Spacy) into some
kind of consistent terminology. Nice try, but evidently Sunrise didn't go
for it when they drew up the terminology list a decade later.

>"Rempo" is the term that started it all, the Japanese word for a federation.
>Although most fans assumed that the R in RX stands for Robot, Mark
Simmons and
>others have made a very convincing argument that it actually stands for Rempo
>and indicates a Federation origin.

  Actually, I never subscribed to that theory. If the "R" in "RX" stands
for "Rempo," then what does the "F" in "FF-X7" (the model number of the
core fighter) stand for? R for Robot gets my vote.

-- Mark

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