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> Anyway... a Minovsky broadcaster by itself won't do that much
> damage, as the flights in can be rerouted -- messy, but doable.
> (Follow me here.. You plant a device -- bomb, broadcasters, whatever
> -- primarily to scare, kill or extort money, mostly in that order. To scare
> or extort, a threat must be made to the public, giving security forces time
> to divert planes and to search for the device. Now, Minovsky particles
> leaves a very large footprint on any sensor, so you can find the
> device easily.
> In the case of a broadcaster, once it's been found, it's a simple
> matter of carrying it away. At least, your basic broadcaster model will be..

That's not how terrorism works. You don't make people at a specified airport
afraid to fly, you make anyone anywhere afraid to fly. You do this by not being
specific -- and by demonstrating you capability first.

In other words, you pull this stunt once on Christmas eve at a randomly selected
target aiport. After it hits the news, you claim responsibility, announce that
you can do this at any airport at any time, then make your demands.

Every airport goes on alert, security is tightened, everyone is
inconvenienced -- and you do nothing until people get tired of it and security
gets lax. If you're really serious, your next attack is on something other than
an airport, such as a mass driver used to deliver material into orbit or a
marina that uses radar to keep ships from colliding.

Repeat until objectives are achieved.

> You open to terroristic suggestions? =) Couple the broadcaster with
> a bomb.. better yet, couple the broadcaster with a small Minovsky fusion
> bomb (the broadcaster isn't even necessary, since the reactor also generates
> the particles).
> It serves two purposes: one, it screws with communication, making
> ATC impossible and the task of locating the bomb harder (by breaking
> communication). Two, it's a severe threat -- a fusion bomb sitting in an
> airport terminal? Give me a break here.. =)

Even the Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion reactor isn't compact enough to fit in
a suitcase. It's typically the size of a small refridgerator, which is about
the same size as a steamer trunk, albeit considerable heavier.

Of course, there's no guarantee that a fusion reactor can be turned into a
fusion bomb, by which I mean a runaway fusion reaction that is truly explosive.
You can short out the containment bottle, releasing the contained reaction, but
that's not quite the same. The result is analagous to a fission meltdown versus
a fission chain reaction -- dramatic and damaging, but not devastatingly so.

Compare the explosion of the Minovsky reactor when penetrated by a beam saber
with a true fusion reaction. The former is powerful enough to punch a hole in a
colony wall, but the latter (as we have noted in previous posts) would blow a
colony apart like a firecracker in a tin can.


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