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Just a question...
On any MG Gundam kits (that specifically being kits of Gundams), what color
is the white plastic? For example, on the MG Alex, the plastic is quite
bright white and shiny, and even with gundam markering won't look quite as
good as I'd like. Compare that to the RX-178 in Titan's colors, which looks
near perfect without painting due to its darker colors... Also, the Black
Trinary Zaku II looks fairly good, thanks to its nice matte gray color. So,
in relation to the NT-1 Alex, whats the white platsic like on the RX-79G and
the Shin Matsanuga Zaku II specifically, and the other MG Gundams in

Also on a slightly related note, are there any north american online stores
that stock gundam markers? Haven't had any luck locally.

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