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> What I want to know is how the EFG temporary becomes Earth Union Government
> (the Titan influenced EFG), and then revert back to EFG when AEUG achieve
> their goal of overthrowing Titans.

You have it backwards. The term "EUG" came first, with Z Gundam in 1984. Prior
to that, there was no Romanization of the term Chikyu Rempo Seifu. In Z, it was
rendered as Earth United-nation (note: singular, not plural) Government, EUG.
"United-nation" was contracted to Union by those more knowledgable of English
usage, but that's the actual term, meaning "Federation" in the most absolute

With Gundam 0080 in 1989, we get the United-Nation Troops, UNT. This term is
strictly for the Federation military, not the government, which is still the

"Rempo" is the term that started it all, the Japanese word for a federation.
Although most fans assumed that the R in RX stands for Robot, Mark Simmons and
others have made a very convincing argument that it actually stands for Rempo
and indicates a Federation origin.

> Also, there seemed to be a lot of major ticket appropriation in the show.
> The up keep of the EFF and EFSF takes a lot of money. The reconstruction of
> L1 colony (Frontier Side) takes a lot of money. The clean up of the effect
> of both colony gassing and colony drop takes a lot of money. Now, I'm just
> used to how US Congress works, and it takes continuous effort to pass all
> these appropriation bills. The EFG Assembly probably have the final say on
> the overall EFF budgets. But from Zeta and ZZ, it would appear that the
> Assembly meets infrequently. Not the 9 months a years of US Congress, but
> more like 4 or 5 times a year.

The Federation is not a democracy. It's a democratic republic, in the same
sense as the Roman republic or the Socialist "democratic republic" of the former
Eastern Bloc nations. While there is an assembly and decision by consensus,
most of the officials are appointed by the state or otherwise part of a
political machine and have no obligation to the public at large.

You never see anyone campaigning or running for office in Gundam. Politicians
enjoy privileges far beyond those of the average citizen, even the so-called
"elite" residents of Earth, being able to commandeer seats on a shuttle, etc.
They live in palatial manors and ride around in chauffered limousines. They are
an aristocracy of sorts.

When you think about it, there's no way an elected government could order the
majority of the people off the planet ir keep them from returning thereafter.
The government orders and the people obey. Them and Us. It's not a free
society as we in the West think of it.

> Speaking of appropriation. Could one of the major bones Spacenoid have
> against EFG is the way taxes are levied? Inter-Side commerce could be
> taxed. I know there had to be a property tax for the maintenance of the
> colony (Witness Side 1 Bunch 1 Shangri-La in ZZ Gundam, now an industrial
> wasteland of no tax bases). Earthnoid citizens are probably all exempt from
> these colony specific taxes since they don't benefit from it.

Most definitely. Everything on Earth is paid for by those living in space --
nine billion to two billion in UC 0078. And everything in the space colonies is
taxed, even the air that they breathe -- an item noted in passing in Gundam ZZ
that you may have missed. The colonies are the ultimate "company towns" and
belong in their entirety to the Colony Management Corporation, whose membership
is exclusively Terrestrial.


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