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Mark Simmons wrote:
> The same goes for airplane formations; in Japanese, the terminology for
> flights, squadrons, and groups is identical to that for platoons,
> companies, and battalions.

        But is this IJN naval aviation (always considered the senior
servifce when it came to production and design) or the JAAF (which
despites its smaller size was responsible for China, Manchuria,
and continetal SE Asia?

> Despite the official translation, the 08th MS Team is in fact a
> platoon ("dai-08 MS shotai"), and its number of mobile suits is
> appropriate for a tank platoon. Note that the Kojima Battalion includes
> some anti-MS infantry platoons mixed in with the mobile suit teams, and
> their headcount is presumably analogous to that of a marine platoon.

        More akin of a classic battalion task force or British battle
group. Both learned either through experience or taking a second look
at the old Heer's ability to form kampfgruppen at the drop of hat
with a whole assortment of goodies. When they work you get a well
balanced force, when they fail they still fail.

> Well, the Kojima Battalion is made up of two MS companies, each with
> four platoons (AKA "teams") of three mobile suits apiece. There's also an
> anti-MS infantry company (with four platoons) and a small headquarters
> company. In total, that's 24 mobile suits - the low end of the scale for
> a battalion.

        I would have formed four mech MS platoons nad take the recon
tracks (actually hovers) and put them into a battalion scout platoon
with some jeep or truck type vehicles.
        24 is really low on the totem pole for a battalion in fact
consider that a US tank company has fifteen tanks. Then again the
British in oder to save their cavalry forces have been reducing
regimental/battalion tank strength to a measly 38 meaning should
the British Army ever decided to go to war they would have to strip
other reimgents of squadrons/comapnies to fill the ranks of those
forces who are on the line first.

> The heavy air support called in for the attack on Ginias's base
> presumably belongs to some other Southeast Asian force, e.g. the Kojima
> Battalion's parent division.

        Could they be air force type units? Armies tend to have attack
choppers and various utility helos for a reason b/c air forces' job
are to maintain and fly fixed wing high performance combat a/c....

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