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Sat, 22 Jul 2000 14:33:01 -0700

Ok, I scanned some stuff from the Sazabi instructions and the Bandai 2000
catalog (the scans are kinda big, around 150k each, I hate tiny pictures).

HGUC GP-01 (very nice looking, the best HGUC IMO):
The face is a little stubby, but that kind of gives it a B-club look I like.

Ranba Ral's Zaku:
Mold recycling aside, this is one cool looking Zaku, I love the blue color

MG RX-79:
Nothing you probably haven't seen before, but I scanned it anyway. I think
the face looks quite nice.

Oh baby...I admit it, I'm a fan of steroid Gundams. This thing is just
monstrous, look at that BMFG! You can see that quite a few parts are
different from the regular ZZ, the backpack is entirely different, more so
than I had previously realized. The gunbelt appears to be cleverly
articulated, though I can't quite tell how. I still wish they gave him the
elongated head and pointier feet of the Sentinel version.

Yes, it's just plain huge. :)
And from the instruction booklet:
(I didn't scan the other color page, it's the same pix you see everywhere

And some cool Katoki stuff from the booklet:

Enjoy. :)

Also, a couple of corrections on my previous review of the Sazabi kit.
Further examination reveals that there are in fact 2 different colors of red
plastic, the dark red and a standard bright red. I don't know if that's on
purpose or what, it doesn't seem to jibe with his color scheme. Also, the
big shield does in fact rotate on the arm mount, which is good. I still
can't decide if I should start building it yet, my 1/100 hi-zak just came,
and I've been fantasising about MG'ing that one for a while...

Peter Savin

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