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Mark Simmons wrote:
> Ah, right. So if it makes you feel better, you can consider that the
> EFF (Earth Federation Force/Earth Federal Forces) are branched into the
> EFAF, EFA, EFSF, and EFN appropriately. :-)

        Shoudln't be EFAF? Earth Federation Armed Forces or if folks
wnat AFEF- Armed Forces of the Earth Federation? Wonder what this
sound like in French- Armees Forces...? :D

> Interestingly, they use different honorifics for different generals in
> original Gundam - compare "Revil-shogun" ("General Revil") with "Tianem-
> teitoku" ("Admiral Tianem"). This implies that the writers were indeed
> thinking of the Federal Forces as having distinct branches, even if it
> was never discussed specifically.

        But other than admirals and generals (shogun is general? I
thought it was more of an actual description of what he was not just
rank?) what about the naval and military ranking and command
Is a Petty Officer 2nd Class and a Corporal both go-chos?

> That said, while Japanese uses the same terms for army and navy
> officers & formations, it does seem to have distinct terms for grunts.
> The lesser ranks used in Gundam (sergeant major down through private) are
> all army-specific, so I'd assume that army nomenclature should be the default.

        Squids do not like that. There is a fundamental role of what the
lowly ground pounder does and what the sailor does. A sailor is there
make sure his ship can fight and he tends to be a technical specialist
of sorts. A gropo especially if he's got "BORN TO KILL" on his helmet
cover and a bulleye markered on hsi flak jacket is there to close in
and destroy the enemy. A grunt tends to be a more generalist but very
exists for the purpose of close combat.

> Its name didn't change - only the fashionable English translation did.
> If we were to go back and apply the "Earth Federation" retcon across the
> board, along with airbrushing the "UNT Spacy" logo off everything in 0080
> and 0083, we'd have to change the AEUG's name to the AEFG. Or, more
> likely, come up with a different derivation for the acronym, like the
> "All Earthnoids are Useless Gang." :-)

        Why can't the Rempo every get some people who will the smackdown,
declare some good old fashioned marital law, hang some mealy mouthed
heads, and turn Side 3 (or wherever Jionland is) and drop so much
F devices ti'll strip the paint off every hovel and give those Space
Nazis a permanent orange afro.
        They're at war with a state has absolutely little regard for
humans beings yet makes some sort acid induced remarks about being the
future of humanity. Yeah after nuking Sydney- hey I like Bondi beach!
One would think they would go full throttle and elimiante every blond
haired wanker who marches to the Panzerleid.
        Or kill 'em all, let God sort out the body parts.

> Which is probably why it doesn't get done. It takes 60 years from the
> end of colony construction to the rebuilding of the Frontier Side, and
> debris remains littered all over the landscape for years after each
> colony drop. The colonies trashed during the war are just left lying
> around as ghost colonies and debris zones. Seems consistent with weak-
> willed politicians, eh?

        Prolly just bureaucracy :P. Remember it applies to every one but I
very much recall an old Chicago saying. Never look in what goes into
a sausage or a bill- you'll get sick.

                                                        Mad Mike


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