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> Subject: [gundam] getting screwed by a Montreal shop

> >
> > The name of the shop is Sci-Fi Anime in Montreal. The handle they used
> > eBay is Guncross, but they may change the handle in the future.

Okay.. This all sounds like there's a lack of /real/ communication going
on -- I understand you've paid your money and such core, and you should
indeed get your product .. I also know that Luan is indeed a reputable
businessman (if perhaps a tad hotheaded :) -- I've been a local customer of
his store for years, and he does indeed have some of the best prices in the
city for merchandise, as well as good selection. He's fair, but he also
doesn't take kindly to trouble.

Several things popped out at me as I read your rant: (And I did read it all,
seems like everyone just getting pissed off in general :)

"C$20.235, and with mathematical precision, he rounded the half penny up to
a full penny to get C$20.24. So the math is sometimes fuzzy, sometimes
precise, it just so happens to round UP all the time. Anyway, it's only the
difference of C$0.45, not worth mentioning at all... except for an insight
into how Tran operates. So I didn't dispute the number, I just kept a mental
note that Tran may be very fussy to deal with. But the M Lover is a rare
kit, and I am happy to get it for under oops I mean over C$20. "

This is a bit of a low blow -- saying that this is 'insight' into the way
Luan operates.. last time I checked, you rounded a 5 up when you were
working with decimals..

(Of course, I guess for me to notice that is a bit petty as well :P )

Now.. about his recent lack of speed on things.. At the beginning of June,
Lou changed locations here in the city -- a pretty involved move when it
comes down to the logistics of trying to do everything and move it well
within a limited budget. And then, later on -- he also attended AX, thus
having been out of town from the week of the 30th until after the 3rd of
July, so for the most part he was in very limited contact with his email...
Again, not a complete excuse for a lack of service. Unfortunately, these
events seem to coincide with your purchase, and through a few unfortunate
twists have turned into this ugly little mess. I can see how Lou was simply
frustrated with trying to deal with many things at the same time when he
responded to you. In any case, he's not trying to rip you off -- that's not
the way he operates -- if it was, I wouldn't shop at his store. (Having to
deal with the rugrats running about in the afternoons looking for Pokemon
all the time could drive a man insane though .. hehe.. maybe that's what's
wrong :) -- So give him a chance, and you'll get your product.

Liam McGintny

(Feel free to email me if you like, I'm quite willing to stand up for what
I've said)

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