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Nightingale writes,

>As a retrocon, in Dreamcast's "Gundam Side Story 0079:
>Rise From the Ashes" video game, the Feds' Army in
>Australia and its "White Dingo" MS Team are labelled
>as "E.F. Army".

  Ah, right. So if it makes you feel better, you can consider that the
EFF (Earth Federation Force/Earth Federal Forces) are branched into the
EFAF, EFA, EFSF, and EFN appropriately. :-)

>If this game and its nomenclature were
>adopted right from the start of Gundam saga...

  Interestingly, they use different honorifics for different generals in
original Gundam - compare "Revil-shogun" ("General Revil") with "Tianem-
teitoku" ("Admiral Tianem"). This implies that the writers were indeed
thinking of the Federal Forces as having distinct branches, even if it
was never discussed specifically.

  That said, while Japanese uses the same terms for army and navy
officers & formations, it does seem to have distinct terms for grunts.
The lesser ranks used in Gundam (sergeant major down through private) are
all army-specific, so I'd assume that army nomenclature should be the default.

Rodrick Su asks,

>What I want to know is how the EFG temporary becomes Earth Union Government
>(the Titan influenced EFG), and then revert back to EFG when AEUG achieve
>their goal of overthrowing Titans.

  Its name didn't change - only the fashionable English translation did.
If we were to go back and apply the "Earth Federation" retcon across the
board, along with airbrushing the "UNT Spacy" logo off everything in 0080
and 0083, we'd have to change the AEUG's name to the AEFG. Or, more
likely, come up with a different derivation for the acronym, like the
"All Earthnoids are Useless Gang." :-)

>Also, there seemed to be a lot of major ticket appropriation in the show.
>The up keep of the EFF and EFSF takes a lot of money. The reconstruction of
>L1 colony (Frontier Side) takes a lot of money. The clean up of the effect
>of both colony gassing and colony drop takes a lot of money.

  Which is probably why it doesn't get done. It takes 60 years from the
end of colony construction to the rebuilding of the Frontier Side, and
debris remains littered all over the landscape for years after each
colony drop. The colonies trashed during the war are just left lying
around as ghost colonies and debris zones. Seems consistent with weak-
willed politicians, eh?

>Speaking of appropriation. Could one of the major bones Spacenoid have
>against EFG is the way taxes are levied? Inter-Side commerce could be

  Sure could be. But unlike certain other sci-fi sagas, "taxation of
outlying trade routes" seldom become a major plot engine in Gundam. <grin>

  (Speaking of which - can anyone tell me exactly who was supposed to be
taxing whom in Phantom Menace? I could never figure that out.)

Lim Jyue writes,

> Anyway, I was wondering why I cannot recall any of the builders here
>mentioning the following explanation for the acronyms...

  Oh, we discussed it at the time, had a few laughs, then went on with
our lives. :-)

  While it's cute that the MG manual writers went to such lengths to
justify all these discarded acronyms (a shame they couldn't shoehorn an
"H" into "Chobham"), it still doesn't explain why the UNT Spacy acronym
would be stenciled onto _normal_ tactical hardware. (The manual claims
that the "under normal tactical special assortment construction yard"
term is an homage to a now-obsolete term for the Federation Space Force.)

  Then again, I don't get why the RX-79[G] - built by the Federation Army
- would have EFSF plastered all over its shoulders...

> I wonder. How official does the list view information in MG Manuals?

  Hurm. In general, I'd give it a lot of credence - mostly because of the
involvement of veteran Gundam geeks like Katsumi Kawaguchi - but not
where it conflicts with the animation or truly expert sources like
Shindosha. In some cases, the MG manuals conflict with sources I deeply
revere - for example, their account of the MS-05's production history
conflicts with that of the old MSV books. In other cases, they'll reprint
some of the more dubious claims from these selfsame books (like the
assertion that only 288 GMs were produced). And, in general, they have an
extreme weakness for bogus acronyms.

  My rating: Authoritative, but not necessarily canonical.

-- Mark

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